"Uniform Page"

Wrights Concessions believes it's important for each of our employees to look the part. We are a professional company, and if our employees look bad than the entire company looks bad. It is one of our requirements that all employees working in any stands (including, but not limited to satellite stands) must wear our uniform at ALL times while clocked in. (If you have concerns please talk to Angie.)


  • Must be cleanly shaved. (No lazy slacking here)
  • If you have longer hair it must be put into a pony tail
  • You must wear a hat. (You will buy from company)
  • You must wear a company branded shirt. (Buy from the company).
  • You must wear white (Khaki) pants/shorts or black (Khaki) pants/shorts. (NO SAGGING BELOW WAIST)
  • Prefer black shoes but there your choice. (No open toe shoes) (No flip flops of any kind.)


  • Must wear your hair up.
  • Must wear a hat. (Provided by company)
  • Must wear company shirt. (Wrights will provide)
  • Same as guys on the bottoms. (NO SHORT SPORTS SHORTS)
  • Shoes is up to you, but we prefer black. (No open toe shoes or flip flops.)

Click the link below to place your shirt order.