"Tuesday February 09, 2016"


We are quickly approaching the beginning of a new season down at Berliner. To say the least we are excited to get the games and ball park food rolling. Its quite funny as we have not really had any bad weather this Winter. Now we are 3 weeks from the first tournament weekend and its going to snow. I guess its our faults for living in Ohio. Hopefully mother nature does not decide to punish us for having a warmer than normal Winter by snowing on the first tournament weekend. None the less it is what it is, and it will do what it wants. If you are reading this feel free to browse around the new website. It was created with the word "user friendly" in mind. I would enjoy hearing your feedback regarding your thoughts. We just received the schedule for this season and boy it promises to be the biggest yet. It continues to grow each year. It sure is a honor to work with such great people out at the park each year. Even knowing I'm not going to be there as much this season as i have my own business to run. I still enjoy the time i do have there. It is among one the the greatest things we have ever been apart of. In the coming months we hope to introduce some big plans we are planning... We will send out updates via email, so be sure you are registered to receive our updates, by filling in the form on the left of your page. This year i hope to post live video footage from down at the park of everyone working. I will also try and post more blogs, add more pictures, and stay in touch with everyone more. Last year i did not do my part to keep everyone updated. Anyway i don't want to bore you so i'm going to go, but stay in touch and we hope to see YOU down at the ball park at some point this coming 2016 season.