"Employee Handbook"

Each employee that is hired by Wrights Concessions will always be given a handbook at the time of hire. That employee will also sign stating they have received the handbook and have 24 hours to bring any questions they may have to the attention of Wrights management staff. If they do not the they are accepting the terms set forth, and agree to be bound by them. If you decide to return working for us each year than you will receive a new and updated copy each year.

It is your responsibility to check here for updated handbook details. If the date at the bottom of the cover page is different than the one listed below than you have an out dated copy and should download the current copy. Otherwise if it matches you have the current copy.

Addendum's added to handbook.

Immediate Addendum 6-28-15.pdf Immediate Addendum 6-28-15.pdf
Size : 573.874 Kb
Type : pdf

Current updated version is dated

"March 31, 2022"

Updated Sections Include.

  • Added "Stand Radios" under "Dress Code" section.
  • Updated "Handbook" under "Website" section.
  • Updated "Pay Stubs" under "Pay Structure" section.
  • Updated "Pay" under "Pay Structure" section.
  • Updated "Shirts" under "Dress Code / Uniforms" section.
  • Updated "Hats" under "Dress Code / Uniform" section.
  • Updated "Shoes" under "Dress Code / Uniforms" section.
  • Updated "Point & Disciplinary System" section.
  • Updated " Information: under "Posters" section.
  • Updated "Stand Safes" under "Cash Handling" section.
  • Updated "Closing Note"
Employee Handbook 3-31-22.pdf Employee Handbook 3-31-22.pdf
Size : 648.016 Kb
Type : pdf